Access Dynamics

Access Dynamics is an application server / dynamic content web server for Android. It enables app developers to provide web access to their Android apps.

By using our simple API, Access Dynamics allows any Android application to expose a part or all of its functionality through the web interface - HTTP (and HTTPS) protocol. See this example for more details.

Brief feature list:

  • Static content support. Any configured static file, like an HTML page or a JPEG image, can be viewed or downloaded in a web browser.
  • Dynamic content support. Access Dynamics is bundled with the Velocity Engine and handles the Velocity template rendering with ease.
  • JSON and JSONP support. Access Dynamics allows your application to host RESTful services.
  • Configurable to start when Android boots up.
  • Configurable web server port (default: 8000).
  • Supports SSL/TLS with installable certificate (as a BKS-V1 keystore).
  • Detects and registers Access Dynamics API supporting applications automatically and lists the registered web contexts.
  • Lists the URL of the Access Dynamics web server - the IP address and the port number. When navigated to this URL in a web browser, the root context page displays the list of the registered app contexts that can be navigated to further.
  • Free for personal use.



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Installation Instructions

Download the app to your Android device and open it. The easiest way to do it is by using Android web browser - just navigate in it to the Downloads page and download the app. Then open Downloads in the Apps screen and click on the downloaded app. The system will ask if you want to install the app. The app requests permissions to access the Internet (that should be read as a permission to provide an Internet service - web server) and to receive Boot Completed notification (to start on boot - if opted in). Accept it. That's all.

The app is completely free for personal use, however please consider making a small donation.